Nuno Félix da Costa was born in Lisbon, where he lives and works, both as clinical psychiatrist and teacher at the Medical School of the University of Lisbon.
His first exhibition of paintings took place in 1983, in the Lisbon gallery Módulo. In this first collection of paintings the relationship and the tension between painting and photography was already present, as well as his concern with literary and poetic representation. Still in 1983, he published his first photographic book, ‘Retratos de Hábito’ (Portraits of Habit), where he attempts a poetic photographic discourse on aspects of the Portuguese cultural identity.
He has since never ceased to explore and parody the equivocal strong documentary value generally granted to photographic images, through the use of different techniques such as the mixing of chemical manipulations and subtractions on images, and the use of painting over their surface, often choosing to subordinate the images to a pictorial development.
He has recently revisited photography in a book published in 2008, ‘Portulíndia’, where the articulation between images does not set or propose any formal, argumentative or narrative aspects but where, like in a poem, the existing links are reminiscences of submersed perceptions and understandings.
He has also published poetry since 1993 and this practice has become increasingly important in his approach to both his photography and his painting.
Since 2016 he coordinates the Artist Residency Programme Córtex Frontal, in Arraiolos, Portugal.